Making your singing bowl sing


TIps for working the singing bowl

  1. Balance the bowl on the center of your palm of your non-dominant hand 

  2. Hold the wooden stick with your dominant hand like a pen 

  3. With the black felt side pointing down, press the stick firmly against exterior of the bowl nearer to the rim 

  4. Move the stick in clockwise direction around the bowl while ensuring constant contact of the stick and the exterior of the bowl 

  5. Stay focused, be patient and keep going (some bowls make take more rotations before vibration can be felt and sound be heard) 

  6. Once a clear, bright and soothing tone is achieved, keep the pressure and speed constant for as long as you please 


Additional/Care Tips: 

  • Make the rotations with your arm and not just your wrist 

  • Allow the sound and vibration to slowly soften instead of introducing sudden halts 

  • Beginners can try giving the bowl a light tap on the bowl with the stick before making the rotations to get the sound started 

  • Treat them like a porcelain bowl, do not drop or knock them too hard 

  • Keep the bowl away from moisture, clean with dry cloth